THE UK CONSULT | Episode 5: Airport Engagement and the Internet

Join Elton Daddow and Jonathan Bradley as they explore Airport Engagement, digital consultations with impressive returns, and find out what’s coming soon to EngagementHQ!

Airport Engagement: Judge Jonno presides over an approach to community engagement and public consultation taken by a UK Airport.

EngagementHQ UK Project Launch of the Week: Only a week after launching their Safe Streets for Walking and Cycling project, West Yorkshire Combined Authority has received nearly 1000 public contributions on their interactive mapping engagement tool, Places.

Stat of the Week: In 2020, 3.5 billion people don’t have access to the internet! The internet has been a lifeline for millions of people during the coronavirus crisis.  This startling statistic brings to light the need for more awareness of this digital divide. World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee brings this topic to the UN.

Meldrew Moment: A rough end to ‘Social Distancing’ for Elt in East Sussex

Tune in next week and find out what Elt discovers about Birdwatching Engagement. It should be a hoot!

Duration: 22 mins

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