THE UK CONSULT | Episode 8: Vegemite vs Marmite and Quality Public Consultation Done at Speed

Unofficial Battle for the Ashes

The Ashes might not be officially being played this summer but Judge Jonno presided over an Ashes battle of his own on Twitter as he launched a controversial Vegemite Vs Marmite poll. What was the outcome?

New Project Launches in EngagementHQ: Highlights of the Week

Dorset Coast Forum Projects

One of the FIRST global EngagementHQ sites to pilot the new cutting edge Bang The Table Appearance Editor functionality.

Tower Hamlets Council: Liveable Streets Bow consultation

Elt & Jonno are super impressed by Tower Hamlets Council’s approach to engaging the community and keeping them informed about a multi-million pound borough-wide street and public space improvement programme.

Stats of the Week

240% – the percentage increase in the sale of board games in March 2020, year on year, as a result of lockdown hitting the UK.

25,179 – the number of visits on the West Yorkshire Combined Authority – Your Voice EngagementHQ site. Who said online/digital wouldn’t take off, eh?

172 – the number of live discussion forums going on in the UK this week ALONE in EngagementHQ

Meldrew Moments

Jonno is grumpy about the Government’s “Build, Build, Build” approach, clearly lacking a strategy to consult with the public.

Guess the Grumpy? Elt challenges Jonno to guess the nominated Mr. Grumpy this week with a terrible attempt at a Northern accent.

Shoutout to Ella!

Ella Pairman, our Senior Specialist, Graphic Design & Branding, publishes 8 Steps to a Well Designed Site to make it easy for EngagementHQ visitors and participants to access the information they are looking for.

Duration: 22 mins

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