THE UK CONSULT | Episode 9: Video Conferencing Platforms – Which is Best?

Despite saying every single week that they will DEFINITELY not mention Zoom or any other video-conferencing platforms, Jonno & Elt open with a new Twitter poll, following hot on the heels of Marmite’s crushing victory over Vegemite last week.

Coffee & a Cake Client Discussion

Jonno is delighted about the inaugural Bang The Table UK event which brought together existing and new Bang The Table clients from local government, the NHS, Environment Agency and Consultants to share experiences and approaches to online public consultation and engagement using EngagementHQ.

New Project Launches in EngagementHQ: Highlight of the Week

This week we’re inspired by the Sussex Health and Care Partnership project launch in EngagementHQ titled “Sussex Covid-19 BAME Disparity Response Programme” which will involve the community in improving healthcare services to protect BAME communities and address health inequalities.

Stats of the Week

The number 22 – Is Elt angling for his P45 again or is there an alternative story behind this stat that could save him?

Jonno reveals the results of the Vegemite vs Marmite Poll!

marmite poll stats

Meldrew Moments

Elt is grumpy about false advertising by a leading video-conferencing provider whilst Jonno is bemoaning “Method Madness”.

Duration: 32 mins

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