THE UK CONSULT | Episode 14: Inspirational Clients, Ofqual Gloom & The Battle of Nantwich

Duration: 37mins

Bradley’s Bangers

-Jonno introduces Elt to the concept of 8D music.

-Caity’s Beltas – Elt is inspired by a global Bang the Table colleague’s Beastie Boys playlist.

East West Rail

East West Rail Introduction

Emerging Trends & Themes in Online Public Consultation and Community Engagement

Never before has moderation been more important to give people a safe space within which they can feel comfortable to express their opinions.

Jonno & Elt are inspired by the innovation and ingenuity shown by new client East West Rail among many others, who came up with a fantastic introductory statement (right) for their new Community hub to be launched soon in EngagementHQ.

Project Launch of The Week in EngagementHQ

The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham have really inspired Jonno with their approach to digital engagement. Check out their “Help us to enhance the heritage of Barking Town Centre” project!
Statkraft’sGreener Grid Park near Neilston project catches Elt’s eye this week.

Stats of the Week

Jonno announces the possible “end of statistics” as his son William told him this week and Elt has a whole range of impressive stats relating to Indian Cricketing legend Virat Kohli.

Meldrew Moments

Both hosts are super grumpy about Ofqual and the UK Government’s handling of the A-Level and GCSE grading system, and total lack of engagement and forward planning. They are equally grumpy about the sheer pointlessness of gas BBQs. It reminds Elt of a Food Standards Agency TV Ad, which you can see here.

Jonno provides a Valuable History Lesson

Read about the Battle of Nantwich.

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