THE UK CONSULT | Episode 19: NHS CCG Projects, Condiment Bottles and Alexa’s Intrusions

Duration: 36mins

Charly’s Choons

Nostalgia is very much the watchword this week as Elt reminisces about The Smiths, and in particular Girl Afraid, which you can listen to here. Jonno vows to diligently listen to the full back catalog of Smith’s music before next week’s podcast recording. Will it improve his mood or will he need to dig out some classic Pet Shop Boys to cheer himself back up again?

Emerging Trends & Themes in Online Public Consultation and Community Engagement

Jonno is detecting a real change in approaches to digital engagement and online public participation with people tending to ask “How do I do it?” rather than “why would I do it?” There is more of a conversation shift towards what makes a good online public consultation.

This chimes with Elt’s recent conversations in the Housing sector, looking to re-engage with residents and customers in the absence of face to face meetings.

Project Launches of the Week in EngagementHQ

Jonno is really excited about a raft of new NHS sites being launched in EngagementHQ, highlighting, in particular, the warm, inviting introduction made to residents by NHS Somerset CCG, here. A great example of “setting the tone.

Elt talks through NHS Somerset CCG’s Citizens’ Panel Project, which you can see here.

Judge Jonno – The Letter “L”

Jonno presides over Elt’s deep dive into community engagement and public participation in the realm of local history. What will Jonno make of online digital engagement tool History Pin? Take a look for yourself here!

Stats of the Week

Jonno is concerned about 4/10 people not trusting Scientists.

Elt describes the nation’s feelings about daily government press briefings, with 55% of Brits thinking that the government should resume their daily COVID-19 press conferences, as coronavirus cases are rapidly rising.

Meldrew Moments

Jonno is grumpy about the public being excluded in terms of key decision-making, and equally grumpy about ‘Influencer Marketing‘, or is he in denial about being a fashion influencer on the world stage??!!

Elt is extremely grumpy about plastic squeezy condiment bottles and their ill-designed lids.


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