Episode 10: How Town of Victoria Park signed councillors up as engagement ambassadors

In this episode we talk with Community Engagement Advisor, Hayley Boyd from the Town of Victoria Park in Western Australia about how joining forces with their councillors has helped to doubled their online registrations, participation and engagement rates.

By signing a unique partnership agreement with their elected officials, Town of Victoria Park have been able to transform their councillors into engagement ambassadors and crucial information sharers. This unique approach has been designed to help clearly articulate the roles and responsibilities of councillors and engagement managers and seeks to drive a culture of engagement throughout their organisation.

As a result, Victoria Park has been proactive in enhancing their online and face-to-face engagement activities which has seen better engagement outcomes and more council endorsed projects.

Furthermore, they have taken a unique approach of allowing councillors a protected space on EngagementHQ, to better organise engagement activities, store, share and report back on council meetings and partake in discussions and forums prior to important meetings and events.

Duration: 28 minutes

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