THE UK CONSULT | Episode 35: Blended Engagement with Jonathan Bradley

Welcome to the UK Consult, our occasional ramble through all things about public consultation and citizen engagement in the UK, with special guests and lovely examples of online public consultation from around the world!

In this episode, strangely, Jonno finds himself all alone in the virtual UK Consult studio. With an absence of guests, this time around he revisits the subject of blended engagement.

Main Topics and Key Questions:

  • What does blended engagement look like in a peri-covid world?
  • What blend of methods should be used?
  • How do we encourage continuous conversations?
  • Making online public meetings more engaging
  • The benefit of asynchronous engagement
  • Doing digital stakeholder mapping
  • Making public consultation more inclusive
  • Creating safe places for public discourse

Duration: 15 min

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