THE UK CONSULT | Episode 30: Welcome to Bang the Table UK Siân Lomax! Let’s Talk Climate Action

THE UK CONSULT | Episode 30: Welcome to Bang the Table UK Siân Lomax! Let’s Talk Climate Action

The UK Consult is……….BACK!

Leaner, trimmer, and of course we’re NOT talking about Jonno & Elt! The UK Consult (Version 2.0) makes its hugely anticipated return, and the boys kick off post-sabbatical with a cracker, and a special guest to boot!

A Wondrously Warm Bang the Table UK Welcome to Siân Lomax!

A mere four days into her new employment at Bang the Table UK as an Engagement Manager, Jonno & Elt had already subjected Siân to a guest appearance on the UK Consult, a fairly terrifying experience for even the most hardy of celebrities to face!

They were keen to ask Siân all about her in-depth digital engagement experience, having worked previously at West Yorkshire Combined Authority as a Bang the Table UK client. (You can see their site in full HERE)!

Also, importantly, here’s a photo of Siân with an Alpaca! (Importantly NEVER to be confused with a Llama!)


Talking Climate Change

Ever a hot topic for consultation and discussion, Bang the Table on a global scale are launching some fantastic, innovative projects with clients, some of which can be seen below, starting with Cornwall Council’s “Carbon Neutral Cornwall 2030 Hive.”

cornwall carbon neutral

Let’s Talk Cornwall

Carbon Neutral Cornwall Hive

Get Involved London

Climate Emergency Action Plan

City of Mississauga

The Climate Change Action Plan

Dufferin County

Dufferin County is Creating a Climate Action Plan!

Waterfront Resilience Program

It’s Your Turn: Map Your Priorities Along the Waterfront

Maribyrnong City Council Online Engagement Site – Survey Now Open

Maribyrnong City Council Draft Climate Emergency Strategy

Your Say Wingecarribee

Environment and Climate Change

Jonno also gives us a timely and topical reminder about our CEO Matt Crozier’s 2020 article, looking at how cities, counties, and other municipal organizations across the globe are engaging the community on the issue of climate change, which you can read in full below.

Bang The Table

Climate Change & Online Community Engagement: 10 examples, 5 countries

Recent Project Launch Highlights in EngagementHQ

Belfast City Council recently launched a fantastic project called “Belfast: One Million Trees”. You can see the project in full here, with the great example of the mapping tool they set up here

Jonno describes with great enthusiasm the approach taken by new clients Aberdeenshire Council, who recently launched their “Engage Aberdeenshire” site which you can see here

Duration: 30mins

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