THE UK CONSULT | Episode 28: Jonno’s Birthday Edition! The Future of Engagement, Stats GALORE & Inside out Pants

Happy Birthday Gaffer!

Jonno celebrates (still) his 28th Birthday next Monday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONNO! Christmas spirit may formally commence thereafter. To formally celebrate the occasion his dog Betty makes a rather unexpected Paddington Bear-esque noise at circa the 4 minute mark! Check out the similarity here

Twitter Poll

Hot on the heels of Elt’s Meldrew moment last week about the diminishing size of crisps (chips if you’re in the US!) in the UK, Elt ‘formally’ consults with the Twittersphere, with the results conclusively confirming his motives for grumpiness.


Charly’s Choons of the Week

Elt has been ever-inspired by the legendary Stone Roses, listening to Love Spreads this week, which you can hear here.

Jonno has been listening to the Daily Wellness Playlist on Spotify. Check it out here!

Jonno Craven’s Newsround

(click on links below whilst listening to Jonno’s expert insight)

Public consultation on wheelie bins waste plans slammed as 3% of New Forest residents respond with only two days left 

Potential New Prison in Buckinghamshire – Public Consultation

Online public consultation on transforming disused quarries into solar farms 

solar farms

Wordplay at the Table

How will Jonno react when he hears the following words and phrases? What nuggets of wisdom can he pull out of the bag this week, whilst in a standing position?

Locked in

Site/Project Launches of the Week in EngagementHQ

Elt is super impressed by Leeds City Council‘s festive “Beeston, Belle Isle, Holbeck, Hunslet & Middleton Winter Wonderland Walks” project. Have a look at it here.(We do love a mapping tool on the UK Consult!)

Jonno Launches of “Top of the Pops” Style Digital Engagement Hit Parade

Top Numbers of Contributions on EngagementHQ sites in the last 7 Days!

1) Tower Hamlets Council a stunning 598 Contributions!

2) Consult Cambridgeshire, a multiple projects EngagementHQ site which has had 8,000 site visits, with 3,000 actively engaging over the last 7 days alone!

3) One Borough Voice, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham

Special mention and shout out also, to the Buckingham Gateway Proposals’ EngagementHQ site, who have had a staggering 68% engagement rate on their project from all those who have registered to get involved. Check it out here!

Stats/Infographics of the Week

Royal Town Planning Institute revealed some interesting responses from industry professionals in the  RTPI report “The Future of Engagement“, released yesterday. Have a look below and read the full report here.

inforgraphic - consulting during pandemic

Jonno highlights the following Stats (as if you haven’t had enough today already you lucky lot! Click on links below)

Journalists are the fourth-least trusted profession in the Ipsos Mori Veracity Index with trust score of 23%

Trust in TV newsreaders drops from 61% to 50% in a year  

Meldrew Moments

Jonno is grumpy about “serious” Christmas decorations like Driftwood Christmas trees and wants a bit more of the old school tacky and bright stuff. He’s also despondent about batteries, both in terms of how long they last, and the lack of them being supplied with gifts.

Elt is really grumpy about, and mystified by, over 90% (MINIMUM) of his pants coming out of the washing machine inside-out. WHY? HOW?

Duration: 46mins

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