THE UK CONSULT | Episode 23: Greater London Authority Joy, Headaches, & Oversized Turkeys

Duration: 42mins

Shoutout to BtT Colleague Jodie House!!!

Australia based, UK born and bred Bang the Table colleague Jodie House has NEVER listened to the UK Consult Podcast before, and with some flimsy excuses (at best) for not doing so, but can Jonno guess what sector she focuses on in her work, and what her favourite TV Show is, based on her name alone?

Charly’s Choons of the Week

Elt’s been listening to ‘Tears’ by The Stone Roses, have a listen here! Should it be spelt “Tiers” though?

Jonno is back from his 80s cheese last week, and re-enters Charly’s Choons with the FAR more respectable Flawless – Phunk Investigation Club, check it out here!

General Themes

Jonno highlights the lack of public consultation over important local planning, highlighting an article in which “Ealing councillors face dramatic vote over their leader and traffic controversy in an extraordinary meeting.” Read it in full here.


The controversy continues with Project Big Picture as Man United and Liverpool plot a European Super League, in secret, with NO consultation with other English clubs, let alone fans.

EngagementHQ Site Launch of the Week

Greater London AuthorityLondon Plan Guidance. 

Londoners can have their say across all aspects of the London Plan in a fantastic new EngagementHQ site, including:

Good Quality Homes for All Londoners 

Public London Charter

Circular Economy Statements

Be Seen Energy Monitoring Assessments

Whole Life-Cycle Carbon Assessments

Royal Docks and Beckton Riverside Opportunity Area Planning Framework

Jonno highlights a great consultation from our Bang the Table client in Australia, Livingstone Shire, Exploring the 2021-22 Draft Budget, who “want to give residents the opportunity to understand what goes into building the budget.” They are using Balancing Act! Inspirational indeed!

Mug of the Week

Proudly awarded to Natalie Wells at Greater London Authority! HURRAH!

Word Play at The Table

What descriptive magic will Jonno come up with for the following words and phrases?




Meldrew Moments

Jonno has just discovered, aged 35, what a headache is! He’s also grumpy about digital exclusion as a throwaway comment. We need to be far more understanding about digital poverty and factor this into our product development. BRAVO!

Elt is annoyed about the number of oversized Turkeys being prepared for small Christmas gatherings in the UK. On the plus side, however, they may survive the winter slaughter and go on a New Years diet and live a long, happy life.

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