THE UK CONSULT | Episode 29: Harry & Meghan’s Debut, Catalyst Housing Site Launch, and Up-ticking

New Kids on the Block!

No, not THOSE New Kids on the Block, keep listening, it’s ok! Elt and Jonno always welcome fierce competition for all of the global Podcast awards they are inevitably going to receive in the future. Today, Harry & Meghan, inspired by the UK Consult (undoubtedly?), try to take a massive competitive advantage based on their former Royal status and brand by teaming up with Spotify (other streaming services ARE available) in a multi-million-pound deal to launch their own podcast. Nothing to worry about lads, as the British press widely report their first foray into Podcasts as “toe-curling” at best.

Even Jonno’s worst dad jokes haven’t quite been received as badly (yet…). 

UK Online engagement

Charly’s Choons of the Week

Elt goes with the gargantuan tune, Liam Gallagher – “Once”, featuring his idol Eric ‘The King’ Cantona. Cracking video! Have a look and listen here

Jonno has been grooving to Let Me Show You – Tall Paul Remix on Spotify.

Emerging Trends & Themes in Public Consultation

Jonno shares some findings from the IAP2 report in Australia, from our colleague Nathan Connors (shout out to Nathan!). They ran a survey around trends and opportunities for 2021.

Practice – Huge continuing increase in online participation and consultation

Reporting & Analysis – More sophisticated reporting in relation to engagement data, aligned to Bang the Table’s continued mission and always a point for discussion with EngagementHQ evolution in mind

Authentic Engagement – Greater demand for “authentic engagement” to include people in decision-making and make them feel that their opinion is valued and appreciated.

Jonno Craven’s Newsround (click on links below whilst listening to Jonno’s expert insight)

New walking and cycling schemes out to public consultation – KCC Media Hub – Shout out to Kent County Council for this!

PR push or public consultation? Row over calls made about new Dorchester housing scheme

Site Launches of the Week in EngagementHQ

Jonno & Elt are dazzled, excited and thrilled by Catalyst Housing‘s site launch, called “The Garden”. Have a look here.

Mug of the Week?

A thoroughly deserved, indeed, a MULTIPLE Bang the Table branded mug award for Anna, Paul and the team at Catalyst Housing – BRAVO!

Stats/Infographics of the Week

Ben Page, Ipsos MORI @benatipsosmori

New – a quarter of people now not looking forward to Xmas – but most of us still ARE!

Christmas Online Engagement

Meldrew Moments

For the first time in 30 episodes of the UK Consult, Elt has a work-related Meldrew moment! It relates to a community planning ‘consultation’ in his local area.

In spite of turning into a sieve, a state of mind within which any droplets of grumpiness pass straight through Jonno this week before turning into reservoirs of despair, he still musters a melancholy moment relating to people sending birthday cards late.

Duration: 36mins

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