THE UK CONSULT | Episode 25: *SPECIAL GUEST EDITION* Mel Hagedorn, Bang the Table Australia

Tribute to Hector

Jonno’s dog Hector very sadly passed away over the weekend, so Charly & Elt decided to do an ad hoc surprise podcast recording for him this week, as a special tribute.

Welcome to the UK Consult – Mel Hagedorn from Bang the Table Australia!

This is a first for the UK Consult as Elt and Charly welcome Australia and New Zealand Bang the Table Territory Manager Mel Hagedorn on to share her pearls of wisdom and experience, in addition to an awful Penguin related joke of course!

Charly’s Choons of the Week

Elt’s been listening to Roni Size’s New Forms album, an absolute BELTER from all the way back in 1997. Have a listen here.

Charly’s all Dancy this week, with a fantastic selection of chilled dance, taken from the Disclosure playlist. Check it out here!

Mel’s into high octane, high pace music when at the gym. When working, maximum concentration is required, so here’s a Spotify playlist (Classical music) called exactly that!

Word Play at The Table

What will Mel & Charly come up with as Elt poses the following words and phrases to them?


In Depth


EngagementHQ Site/Project Launches of the Week

Elt & Charly are so excited to see the launch of Community Gateway’s EngagementHQ site, an incredibly visually appealing site presided over by the fabulous Thomas Maughan. Take a look here.

Mel describes the changes in the States around Australia with a shift beyond the use of surveys, into much more innovative ideation based consultation approaches with clients in Australia.

Mug of the Week

Proudly awarded to Thomas Maughan at Community Gateway for a CRACKING site launch!

Meldrew Moments

Charly is bemoaning the lockdown and the absence of a good old fashioned Fireworks display for families to attend. The lockdown came in a day before November 5th this year, meaning it was a “watching through the window” event for families across the UK. BOO!

Mel is annoyed about Bluetooth headphones running out of charge during workouts at the gym, exposing her to the demotivating likes of Bon Jovi.

She’s also grumpy about online chat with certain companies. They could learn a LOT from the brilliance of our Bang the Table support team!

Elt is perplexed by the soul patch at the top of his forehead, providing further compelling evidence that his head has indeed gradually turned upside down over the past 10 years!

Mel’s Webinar Shout Out!

On Thursday, Mel is hosting a webinar about engaging with indigenous Australians. Don’t worry if the timezones prevent you from attending, we’ll circulate a recording afterward. If you want to sign up, you can do so here! Enjoy!

Duration: 36mins

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