THE UK CONSULT | Episode 24: Woohoo for Whitechapel, Un-Masking a Litter Crisis, & Zoom Mysteries

Duration: 38mins

Twitter Poll of the Week

Jonno’s latest poll may not QUITE have broken the internet, but his “Which of these is a Substantial Meal” Poll has a winner!

twitter poll

Charly’s Choons of the Week

Jonno has been delving back into the 80s and early 90s with The Cure‘s smash hit “Just Like Heaven” Have a listen here!

As the UK grapples with who is in Tier 1,2 or 3 lockdown, and mass confusion reigns supreme, Elt’s been soul searching with The Pixies classic “Where Is My Mind, which you can listen to here.

Word Play at The Table

What will Jonno take out of his considerable thought microwave to snack on for the following words and phrases?


In Sync

Call My Bluff

EngagementHQ Site/Project Launches of the Week

Now, we LOVE a mapping tool on the UK Consult, and this week we are very much feeling the love for Tower Hamlets’ Liveable Streets Whitechapel project launch in EngagementHQ which you can see here in full.

Have a zoom around in the Whitechapel Interactive Map here and see the many valuable contributions of residents who can share their ideas and suggestions as well as raising concerns and pertinent issues for the Council to respond to and remedy as needed.

Jonno is very enthused about Wirral Council’s approach to “The New Brighton Master Plan” whilst highlighting forthcoming projects they plan on launching. Check out their site here!

From our global Bang the Table colleagues across the pond, Jonno highlights the City of Kansas City Missouri’s really REALLY cool map, “The 5 Big Questions.”

Mug of the Week

Proudly awarded to Tower Hamlets Council after Elt’s vociferous pitch for them! Well done!

Stat of the Week

Conspiracy Theory: Coronavirus was probably created in a laboratory……….believed by 30% OF PEOPLE!

Meldrew Moments

Elt is experiencing a whole new set of video conferencing challenges he didn’t think were even possible. It’s given him the major grumps!

Jonno is apoplectic about seemingly law-abiding citizens wearing their masks/face coverings then just throwing them on the floor after leaving a shop.

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