Project administrators can now participate freely in projects they aren’t managing

Lately we’ve noticed a lot more of our clients using EngagementHQ to support internal, or staff, engagement processes.

We think this is a great direction for EngagementHQ, but it’s not quite what it was designed for, so we’ve made a small, but very powerful change.

EngagementHQ has three types of Administrators – Site, Hub and Project.

Up until now, these administrators weren’t able to use a single login on an EngagementHQ site as BOTH an administrator AND a participant.

This was because EngagementHQ was conceived as an external facing community engagement platform, rather than an internally facing employee engagement platform. But the truth is, it’s perfect for both.

So, from now on Project Administrators will be treated like participants for projects they cannot edit.

What exactly does that mean?

Previously, Project Administrators were only able to access projects the Site Administrator assigned to them.

The downside to this was they were not able to contribute to projects as participants unless they created a second account with a different email.

Needless to say this was tedious and often prevented PAs from participating in other consultations.

What are the use cases?

We see the main use case in protected projects, e.g. internal consultations with staff only.

If you are a Site Administrator, you can now give a Project Administrator, who might be editing one or two other projects, access to a protected project as a participant.

There is also a use case where you might want to give consultants or other externals access to one project only, but still keep them as regular participants for all other projects.

In addition, Project Administrator are now also included in your newsletter mailing lists.

Where do I find this?

You will see that your participant database is now somewhat bigger as it contains all your PAs. They are clearly marked as you can see below.


Further Reading

If you are unsure about what ‘protected projects’ are and how you set up groups using the filtering, we recommend you read through this help article.

Published Date: 20 September 2017 Last modified on June 4, 2019

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