Quickly Clone Content From One Widget To The Next

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Starting in early February, we are introducing a real time saver to EngagemenHQ. If you find yourself copying the same widget information over and over again across many different projects we now have a solution in place: Widget Cloning

Its extremely simply and when enabled, you’ll see a new icon in your widget management page.

..and you can clone from these widgets:

  • Custom 👩‍💻
  • Documents 📃
  • FAQs ❔
  • Key Dates 📆
  • Lifecycle 🕓
  • Links 🔗
  • Photos 📸
  • Project Members (who’s listening) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  • Videos 🎥

When you are done cloning, simply configure the widget to display the content you have just cloned into the new project.

We have been testing this with a few EHQ administrators over the last few weeks and the feedback so far was positive. We are sure your experience will be similar!

“Just setting up a new project. It’s fantastic!”

“…based on my experience of using it I think it’s working really well. It makes it so much easier to not have to re-create a whole project page especially if there are a lot of widgets required.”

“It’s been working great. Thanks!”

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