Resources to Keep Your Community Connected in Times of Crisis

In these uncertain times when interpersonal relationships are relegated to the back burner, it is important to find safe ways to connect as a community. We have pulled together some useful resources to develop a reliable online space that meets the needs of your community, respects good practices, and allows you to develop and nurture genuine relations with your community.

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Designing digital engagement to build trust and connection. Practitioner tips.
Dan Popping, Practice Lead at Bang the Table, facilitated an interactive workshop at the 2019 IAP2 Australiasian Conference in Sydney. Participants took a deeper dive into how we build, design and manage online engagement projects. The result was a thoughtful list of tips for practitioners.

Four key issues to consider for effective online dialogue
Facilitating effective online dialogue is a refined skill that requires careful consideration of process, issue framing, participant behaviour, and a deep understanding of dialogue principles.

Tips to Overcome Seven Issues in Online Community Engagement
Hosting your community consultations online offers benefits for both the public and city officials, but like most things, it’s not without challenges. Our team of Engagement Managers has outlined the seven most common issues you’ll experience with online community engagement and offers tips to overcome each issue.

Guide: Community Engagement 101
Written for on-the-ground practitioners, engagement professionals, and community members, this resource provides accessible explanations that cover the basics – including the benefits of online engagement – and bring an understanding of the principles that underline best-practice community engagement.

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Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery
Many Australian Councils have recently been dealing with extreme weather conditions and in some cases, significant disaster and emergency management situations. Communication and engagement strategies are critical during these trying times. Often, organizations need to respond quickly, provide key information and adapt to their local needs and unique situations.

Marketing Your Online Engagement Site
A webinar on how to drive eyes and participation to your online engagement space. Learn how the design of your site, projects and questions can drive participation, along with unique marketing and communication strategies to pull new participants in.

A 10 Step Strategy to Online Success
Join us for this webinar as we discuss a 10 step process for community engagement, designed to help organizations overcome challenges and develop a successful engagement program incorporating both online and face to face engagement.

How Small Cities Make a Big Impact with Online Community Engagement
With the right tools, digital engagement can be a convenient way for small cities to broaden their reach and develop a more open dialogue with their community. Hear how small organizations are using digital community engagement to successfully include more citizens in decision making and overcome the barriers of being a small city.

COVID-19 Project Examples and Resources

See how our clients are building resiliency and communicating online with their communities during the COVID-19 outbreak.

How Bang the Table + EngagementHQ Can Support in Times of Crisis
In a time of chaos and crisis, please know you have our global team of engagement experts to lean on and trust for guidance and support. Whether you are needing to get a new project up and running quickly or help with your digital engagement strategy, we’re here for you. Just let us know how we can help.

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