Shapefile support for map-based digital community engagement

Over the past five years, map-based digital community engagement has become an essential element in the public participation arsenal for land-use planners and others focussed on spatial planning.

While EngagementHQ has long supported such processes with our Places tool, we have recently extended the functionality to support the display of map layers via ESRI shapefile, which means you can now include layers in your consultation maps either through WMS layers, or the newly implemented shapefile upload.

Getting there is quite simple:

  1. Ensure the shapefile is in a zipped (.zip) folder and at the very least includes files of the following types:
    • .prj
    • .shp
    • .dbp
    • .xml
  2. Navigate to the map in which you want to upload your shapefile
  3. Enable the GIS layer
  4. Upload the ZIP file as shown below


Easy! Done!

Published Date: 6 October 2017 Last modified on June 4, 2019

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