Smart city: from innovative concept to government vision

The idea of smart city comprises multiple facets and collaborations. Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Genova, Renata Paola Dameri, investigates the relationship between principal actors she identifies at its conceptual core: university, government and industry.

‘The Conceptual Idea of Smart City: University, Industry, and Government Vision’, in the series Progress in IS (Information Systems), offers an analysis of the most referenced professional and scientific research to substantiate diverse perspectives of these three smart city actors. It also analyses how they define and realize the smart city in relation to their own capacities.

Dameri highlights the role of local government, research institutions, and technology suppliers in creating and sustaining innovative technologies that enable  the smart city. While local government drive planning and administration, research institutions utilize their capabilities to identify innovations and solutions, while technology suppliers offer platforms and infrastructures necessary for smart city implementation.

Dameri also examines the relationships between consulting companies and these key players and reflects on how they shape the outcome of the collaborative smart city ideal.

Photo: Mathew Lynch/Pexels/cc

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