SMS Enhances Community Engagement

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Communication channels play a big role in keeping citizens and stakeholders informed. And while email and direct mail have historically been the go-to channels to send project updates, notices and reports to community members, it’s becoming harder and harder to cut through the noise and inspire action.

With roughly 45% of the world population owning a smartphone, short message service (SMS) presents an opportunity to communicate with community members in a way that fits into the flow of their daily lives. SMS can expand your effectiveness in reaching audiences, with 90% of text messages read within 90 seconds of arrival and an overall open rate of 98%.

Integrating SMS as a communication channel for community engagement opens the door for organizations to send short, on-point messaging that is relevant to topics your members find interesting. SMS will help you drive participants to your site and connect with them on mobile when they prefer text over email.

To bring this new communication channel to EngagementHQ, we’re excited to be launching a new partnership with MessageMedia. MessageMedia enables you to send SMS messages in bulk, build better relationships with your citizens through two-way SMS conversations and measure the effectiveness of SMS through shortened, trackable links.

This partnership allows our clients the opportunity to integrate SMS into everyday workflows to:

  • Promote an engagement
  • Update participants on progress
  • Communicate the outcome of an engagement

If you’re interested in seeing how this will work first-hand, please get in touch.

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