Staff Pick: Have Your Say Canterbury Bankstown

Client: Canterbury Bankstown Council (New South Wales, Australia)
Project: Bankstown Complete Streets Project
Project Details: Canterbury Bankstown Council is engaging with their community to help plan for the future growth of the Bankstown CBD by developing an integrated transport and streetscape plan. They have an informative and engaging video introduction, along with a text introduction, catering to different learning styles and literacy levels of participants.
Widgets: Custom Widget – Google Translate, Video, Key Dates, Document Library, Photo Library, Lifecycle, comprehensive Who’s Listening, and a Facebook Feed
Tools: Survey

Have Your Say Canterbury Bankstown invited their community to inform themselves about what is being planned and what outcomes the City is hoping to achieve. There are interactive maps and artist impressions embedded in the body of the project description, along with key documents and a comprehensive Life Cycle to assist with informing participants.

This is the second stage of community consultations, bringing the draft Plan back to the community to assess priorities and whether the City has covered the key community concerns.

This is a terrific example of a council undertaking an ongoing multi-stage engagement with their community on a high-value and impactful project. The design of the project page is engaging, interactive and simple, allowing the community to give feedback on the draft Plan. This is important for Council as it allows the community to stay informed and contribute in an ongoing manner to planning that will build a better community, reducing the likelihood of community resistance once development commences.

Integrating informational tools balanced across a spectrum of mediums, alongside face-to-face and online engagement allows for a variety of stakeholders to be engaged and participate, meaning that a more diverse range of participants can have input.

A beautifully designed project page, engaging and interactive. An excellent example of a multi-stage engagement process blending online and face-to-face engagement processes. This project aims to be accessible to stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, providing multiple ways to engage and inform participants.

What we love most

  1. Engaging and interactive embeds, including videos and maps.
  • Great use of widgets to inform stakeholders, ranging across a variety of mediums allowing for different learning styles and engagement preferences.
  • Use of the Who’s Listening widgets shows the face to the process, increasing community trust and Council’s transparency. It also allows for participants to continue the conversation with the project owners, giving a sense of greater accountability to the community.
  1. Use of a variety of embedded informational widgets.
  • This project demonstrates how a variety of widgets and embedded objects can cater to diverse learning and engagement styles. The use of colour and movement, along with video content means that participants can choose how they inform themselves about the Plan and the priorities of Council
  • The use of the Lifecycle Widget is fantastic, showing the community what stage of consultation the project is up to and closing the loop on previous engagement processes.
Published Date: 30 May 2019

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