Staff Pick: Melbourne Airport’s Third Runway

Client: Melbourne Airport (Victoria, Australia)
Project Details: As demand for air travel to and from Melbourne continues to rapidly grow, Melbourne Airport is planning which runway to develop.  Previous planning from 2013 had identified a secondary east-west runway as a priority. With more data now available, a review has indicated that this decision needs to be reconsidered. The scale of this project, regardless of which runway, will have a shifting impact on the surrounding communities. As such, Melbourne Airport is providing a mix of opportunities – both online and in the community – to learn about the Third runway and be involved in the planning process.
I selected this project because it will have a lot of participants emotionally charged, and I believe the team at Melbourne Airport are being considerate about the sensitivities around the issue and information that is shared and transparent in the complexities facing the decision to be made.
Widgets: Document Library, Photo Library, Related projects, Eventbrite plugin
Tools: Guestbook, Newsfeed, Places and Q&A
Melbourne Airport is inviting the surrounding community to understand and be involved in the planning process for the development of a Third Runway at Melbourne Airport. Through the engagement, it intends to introduce the information and process around considering and selecting the runway.
This is a significant project with a direct impact on surrounding communities, as such the nature and the tone of the engagement is informative, open and transparent. In particular, the connection to specific tools for community to understand sound levels based on options and registering with a simple connecting to Eventbrite.
Coordinating the offline engagement with information through the platform is a sound approach to keeping a consistence regardless of how the community choose to be involved. Including more details about the broader process beyond the information session, using the Lifecycle widget would help in setting expectations with the community upfront, drive participation and increase visibility and engagement of projects.
A subtle but well-planned engagement project that is sure to evolve as the process unveils its self. Engagements are often unduly influenced by risk adverse management, leading to sceptical participation. In this instance, Melbourne Airport has a nice balance of transparency, providing a safe respectful level of participation. This is one to bookmark and check-in every couple of months.
What we love most
Thinking beyond the box and using EngagementHQ as a central point for coordinated engagements.
Great use of additional tools that have been specifically developed to inform community.
  1. Melbourne Airport Noise Tool
  2. Workshop registration using Eventbrite for event logistics and planning

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