Staff Pick: Moonee Valley City Council – Imagine Windy Hill

Client: Moonee Valley City Council (Victoria, Australia)
Project: Imagine Windy Hill
Project Details: Moonee Valley City Council engaged with its community to help plan the future of Windy Hill, an iconic sport and recreation reserve in Essendon, Victoria. They asked participants to share what they love about the reserve, what they wanted to do there and what it needs in the future.
Widgets: FAQ, Lifecycle, Follow Project, Document Library, Who’s Listening,  Photo Library
Tools: Ideas, Stories, Survey and Newsfeed

Your Say Moonee Valley invited their community to help set a draft vision for Windy Hill that focuses on what makes it special for its community and how Council can plan to make sure it remains an icon for future generations to enjoy.

This is a terrific example of a council undertaking early engagement with their community on a project that is engaging, interactive and easy for the community to give feedback. In turn, this helps council better reflect the needs and priorities of its community in its planning.

Blending online engagement with more traditional methods, like face-to-face engagement, can support a more comprehensive engagement program, creating a single, ‘go-to’ access point for the project’s engagement. Widgets such as key dates can be used to drive participation and increase visibility and engagement of projects.

A well-planned engagement project that has been delivered to ensure the community is at the centre of helping shape the future plans for the iconic reserve. This is a great example of best practice community engagement where council is working in partnership with its community to ensure a highly valued local asset continues to meet the changing needs of its community.

What we love most
1. Engaging and interactive approach that is easy for the community to participate.

  • Great use of clear and concise language that is easy to understand and encourages participation, improves accessibility and is more inclusive of the wider community.
  • Clear call to action that highlights the importance of community feedback in helping council plan for the future of the reserve.
  • Use of the lifecycle widget shows council is committed to an ongoing engagement process with its community and is committed to closing the loop at each stage, increasing transparency and building community trust.

2. Use of a variety of tools.

  • This project demonstrates how a variety of tools can be used at different stages to collect feedback from the wider community that is meaningful and can be used to shape decision making.
  • We love the use of the ideas tool to canvass community suggestions for future improvements, while the stories tool is being used to gather reflections from the community on what they currently value. This approach helps councils to identify community priorities for consideration when planning for its future.
  • The survey tool is used very carefully to test suggestions that have been refined from early engagement. This will ensure final plans better reflect the wider communities needs.
Published Date: 8 May 2019 Last modified on May 20, 2019

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