Royal Women’s Hospital gets 500 EHQ survey responses in less than a day

When we saw the amazing results the Royal Women’s Hospital’s engagement team achieved recently, we had to take a closer look at how they did things. Not only did they have to design a project site in a very short timeframe, but they were also able to achieve over 500 survey responses in just one day using EngagementHQ.

Client: The Royal Women’s Hospital, Victoria, Australia

Project: Women’s staff name badges

Publish Date: 07 March 2016

Topic: The Women’s are designing new name badges for staff and volunteers and are asking all stakeholders including staff, volunteers and patients for their input on four different design options.

Tools: Survey

Widgets: Signup Banner, FAQ, Who’s Listening, Facebook

What we love

The turnaround time

This project was created and published very quickly. It shows you don’t always need a long-term engagement strategy or to overthink outcomes before launching a project. Sometimes it’s good to just get out there and engage quickly.

Innovative use of the survey tool

This is a simple survey with just two questions. The Women’s used a HTML-enabled ‘radio button’ in order to include images of the proposed badge designs.

Human touch

The ‘Who’s Listening’ widget is slowly turning into one of our top three widgets. The widget shows who exactly is managing the consultation and provides a human face for interaction, which is especially important when consulting in the health industry or about health matters.

The page balance

This project has the perfect page balance between the left and right columns, which are the same length providing symmetry.
For further consideration:

Badge designs

With some more time, the team at The Women’s could have created more attractive badge designs, or perhaps asked their community to co-design the badges.

Links to other projects

This is a popular and well-viewed project, which could have provided a starting point for participants to visit other consultations had the appropriate links been included. A well-executed project always provides the opportunity to cross-promote other consultations. You already have the community’s attention, don’t lose the chance to retain their interest.

Additional project links can also appear in the ‘thank you’ message of a consultation rather than in a widget or the navigation bar.


This project proves you don’t always have to spend weeks of development time before launching a project. Sometimes it is better to launch quickly and gather participant responses straight away. This doesn’t mean not thinking it through but rather understanding the parameters required for a consultation’s success. It is apparent the Women’s have quite a bit of experience working with EngagementHQ and executed a fantastic project. We’d love to see more of the same!

NOTE: The article above is based on a visit to the site on 09 March 2016. Changes made to the project after that date may have altered the appearance of the project.

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