Staff Pick: Tell Us What you Love about Burlington

Client: City of Burlington (Ontario, Canada)
Project: Tell Us What you Love about Burlington
Project Details: The City of Burlington started this conversation with its community when they launched the site in March 2018 to develop the conversation and the relationships online. Since its inception, they have updated the site with more tools and information about festivals and events.
Widgets: Who’s listening, Timeline and Stay Informed
Tools: Places, Quick Poll and Stories

Tell what you love about Burlington is an ongoing project which allows the community to share what they love most, to vote for their favorites and to share their stories about the city they have chosen to live in. This project seamlessly integrates three online engagement tools that each compile information about a different facet of the community’s attachment to its place of existence. The creative use of Timeline generates an excellent relationship between online sharing and community activities.

This is a perfect example of an organization that wants to develop real communication with its community and that demonstrates an openness to listening to the opinions of the community. It is also a project that generates a sense of belonging and an interest in learning more from its fellow citizens. It is not only a sharing between the community and the City, but also, a sharing between citizens. This project is, primarily, about a sense of place.

The use of the following three engagement tools makes it possible to reach a wider spectrum of the population. The interactive map is popular for sharing good shots, while the quick poll is quick to express opinions and storytelling highlights different paths of people who have chosen to live in this territory. This is the opportunity for the community to create an online space who looks like them, and for the City to listen to conversations in order to inform future decision-making processes, to a certain extent.

It is also a fun place to have good and positive interactions, to learn about the stories of others such as new immigrants and to learn about activities in the community. This project brings life and light into the digital space that is often serious and about decision making.

After a year online, this is a project that has evolved and renewed itself to attract the participation of the community, even today. This type of project can be replicated in other communities and is particularly interesting in the summer months, to create a living, interactive space and focus on the relationship with the community instead of decision-making processes.

What we love most:

  1. Renewal of the project over the last year – The project started with only the interactive map. It was then updated with quick poll and storytelling. The community is constantly invited to share more information and express themselves about what they love about their city.
  2. Creativity with widgets
    -Great use of the timeline to connect community events and festivals with the online space. The timeline is updated each season with new events.
    -Stay Informed Widget allows the community to receive updates on this project and other online opportunities from the City.

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