Target Your Audience in More Ways!

We are excited to start 2018 with a BANG! and introduce a range of new options to manage your participant database. We have maintained for years that growing your database of participants should, arguably, be your number one goal in EHQ. With our latest round of updates it is easier than ever to benefit from your growing database and specifically engage your audience with targeted consultations and communication. This should increase your chance of good engagement.

What’s New?

Our Participant Relationship Management (PRM) lists all your registered participants, including their email addresses, the data they have provided in the signup process and their overall activity in your EHQ. You can find yours under People –> Participants.

We have made it easier to do more! Here is an overview:

NOTE: ‘Hubs’ are only available in our Enterprise license

Tell me more!

First, we have cleaned up the look and feel of the page, making navigation easier.

Second, we are introducing a range of new options to filter your participants.

  • Filter by “Imported”: Only view participants you have imported into your EHQ. 
  • Moving Filters: Both our ‘Joined On’ and ‘Last Seen’ filter now give you the option to filter by a moving range. With ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ options, you can, for example, filter only people who have not been seen in the last 30 days. This might suggest a group of participants who are slipping away and you want to contact specifically to get them to pay your site another visit.
  • Hub Activity (Enterprise Clients Only): Similar to how you can filter by project activity, you can do the same now for your hubs.

Third, after a lot of feedback received from you, we realised it was crucial to allow you to edit your existing groups. You can do that now!

Finally, other feedback suggested that tagging of participants was great, so long as only small groups were tagged. Now you can apply tags to participants in bulk, making it all a breeze! This is particularly helpful in combination with the ‘imported’ filer. This allows you to first import participants and then tag all or parts of that group.


We begin rolling this out to all sites on Monday, 15 January 2018.

Anything Else?

Yes, plenty of links for you to learn more:

  • WEBINAR! Make sure to register for our upcoming webinar. There are more webinars to follow if this time does not suit you.
  • With the upgrade to the PRM, you might be tempted to update your Sign Up Form. While you can do this,consider these tips!
  • Detailed step-by-step help to use the our Participant Relationship Management can be found here.
  • Our blog post on “How to grow your online community panel? Introducing the ‘Willoughby’ method!”

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