Technology and Human Emotion Coincide to Foster Better Engagement Outcomes

By Matt Crozier

In a world where technology is used in all forms of communication, this article explores how the use of online engagement tools provide a way for members of a community to express their thoughts and feelings about a project in a more personal and non-threatening way. This leads to better, more thoughtful outcomes for governments and communities alike.

  1. Online engagement offers the convenience and privacy of participation in a project which may be controversial in nature. Often in a live forum, the outspoken few may take over the conversation and opposing points of view are never heard.
  2. Much like online dating, online engagement tools give people a place to be vulnerable and vocal without judgment.
  3. Using online engagement tools, governments feel a deeper connection with their communities, gain greater confidence in their communications, and increase productivity.
  4. Successful online community engagement can diffuse the most visceral of human emotions – rage. At the same time, use of technology in online engagement allows governments to build trust through positive and powerful emotional connections.

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