The public engagement continuum

The Engagement ContinuumBecause community engagement is just about as far from a static enterprise as one can imagine, we wanted to come up with a visual tool to represent that dynamism and make it easier for our clients to pick the right feedback tools for the job at hand. engagement continuum

The Engagement Continuum is our answer! You can download an A4 PDF version here.

It’s looks a like a pin wheel spinning in the wind. What could be more dynamic?

The outer fins represent the broad engagement objective and divide the wheel into into six equal “pieces of pie” – and now I’m mixing my metaphors!. They could apply to an entire project, a particular phase during the project life, a particular stakeholder group, or a combination of both. The point being that the engagement objective changes through both the life a project and also depends on who you are talking to at the time.

The “wheel” is then divided into three rings that define the three essential functions of EngagementHQ; the outer ring lists the “learning” tools, the middle ring lists the “listening” tools, and the inner ring lists the “sharing” tools.

The individual segments identify the individual tools that we think may be most useful for projects – or phases thereof – working towards the particular identified objective.

Photo Credits: Arjun Purkayastha

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