The Patient Leadership Triangle

A Practical Engagement Model for Transforming Healthcare

Can Patient and Public Engagement truly incorporate patient and carers in healthcare decision-making?

Introducing a practical engagement model, David Gilbert moves beyond the tick-the-box, patient feedback and representational approaches of traditional engagement methods that provide a narrow focus on user experience and, ultimately, distance patients and carers from decision-making.

This accessible ebook underscores equal involvement of patients and carers as an integral, respected part of decision-making – an inclusion that not only leads to better awareness but humanises healthcare for patients, staff and health professionals.

David Gilbert was the first Patient Director in the UK Health Service and a pioneer of the concept of Patient Leadership. The Patient Leadership Triangle draws on over 35 years’ experience in healthcare at local, national and international levels.

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Published Date: 4 May 2020 Last modified on August 6, 2020

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