Top 10 community engagement influencers on Twitter

So, there are lots and lots of people tweeting about #communityengagement, #civicengagement, #publicengagement and the like. But who are the most influential community engagement tweeters?

To save you some time, I’ve done a search of the various search terms that relate to “community engagement” (including civic engagement, public engagement, citizen engagement, public involvement…).

This community engagement influencers list is based on a combination of Twitter handles’ page authority, domain authority, Twitter followers, retweet ratio, reply ratio and average retweets.

Inevitably a lot of the search results are irrelevant because of the very broad use of community engagement, so I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a top 10 list on community engagement influencers (in no particular order) from across the various search terms. Top 15 Community Engagement Hashtags on Twitter

Top 10 community engagement influencers on Twitter

Engaging Cities@engagingcities

Online magazine that shares creative strategies and new technologies to foster public engagement for livable communities.

National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation@ncdd

NCDD is the hub for an amazing community of thousands of innovators in dialogue, deliberation and public engagement.

Nate Garvis@nakedcivics

NakedCivics is about new designs for civic engagement beginning with the 7 c’s. Authored by Civic Thought Leader Nate Garvis.

David Moore@ppolitics

We created @OpenCongress, and now, @AskThemPPF. Non-profit web tools for civic engagement, since 2006.

Sarah Schacht@sarahschacht

Transparency, civic engagement design. Open government strategy & technology advisor. Surfer. Author. Writing a book on #opengov. Paddling for the next wave.


CIRCLE is a USA based, non-partisan research center on young people’s civic engagement.

Public Agenda@publicagenda

Helping citizens & leaders navigate complex, divisive issues and find workable solutions, through nonpartisan opinion research & public engagement.

Beth Offenbacker@publicdecisions

PublicDecisions connects people with new and emerging ideas, trends and & practices in public engagement.

William Perrin@willperrin

Empowering communities through online action and hyperlocal web via talkaboutlocal.


Experts in public participation working towards open government and deeper democracy.

And a few more for good measure…


Innovate in public participation, stakeholder relations & employee engagement using online, in-person & social media tools.

Simon Dengri@sdenegri

Chair of INVOLVE. NIHR National Director for Public Participation and Engagement in Research, Former CEO of AMRC.

Andrew Coulson@andrewecoulson

Innovative Community Engagement. #IAP2 practitioner, #engage2act advocate, #gatehashing instigator. Personal account, so these are personal views.

Our very own Matt Crozier@mattcrozier

Co-founder and CEO of Bang the Table. Passionate about bringing public participation to the web and giving the community a voice.

And of course…

You can find me @what_if_we_did and @bangthetable.

Source: Buzzsumo

Photo credit: cobalt123

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