Who should I follow on Twitter for community engagement news and views?

In an earlier post I shared the ten most influential community engagement Twitter accounts. ‘Influence’ was determined by a range of quantitative measures, such the number of followers, the domain authority of their website, the number of times their content is re-tweeted and more along the same lines.

For this list I’m taking a different tack. This is a highly subjective short list of people (rather than organisations) from around the world who work in and around community engagement, and whose Twitter accounts consistently deliver great value content about community engagement news. It isn’t exhaustive,

You can find me on Twitter at @bangthetable and @what_if_we_did. @bangthetable is all about community engagement. @what_if_we_did is much broader – I’m also interested in community arts, community development, urban design, and political processes – but I try to stay out of politics, it hurts my heart too much.

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Here’s my very abbreviated list…

Tiago Peixoto@participatorydemocracyspot.net

Tiago works with the World Bank on the nexus between democracy and technology. He is a great source for international best practice research of civic engagement generally, and participatory budgeting in particular. What he doesn’t know about participatory budgeting isn’t worth knowing.

Edward Andersson@ed_andersssonedwardanderssson.com

Edward is a European Associate with Involve and worked out of their London office for many years. He is a great source of information about civic engagement and public involvement programs, particularly in a European context.

Tim Bonnemann@plansparkplansphere.com

Tim owns Intellitics, a US based digital engagement company. He tweets about democratic participation broadly with a focus on US case studies, but has a global view (because of his German heritage).

Matt Leighninger@mattleighningerdeliberative-democracy.net

Matt is a long time researcher, thinker and practitioner in the deliberative democracy space. He is the ED of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium and is an invaluable source of information on all things civic engagement.

Sandy Heierbacher@heierbacherncdd.org

Sandy runs the US based National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (and has done so for many years). Apart from being a great way to keep up with the latest NCDD news, Sandy is a regular at all the best conferences and selectively shares the juiciest reflections.

Della Rucker@dellaruckerwiseeconomy.com

Della is a force of nature. She thinks, writes, workshops and strategizes about community engagement with a particular emphasis on public engagement around economic revitalisation in the US.

Andrew Coulson – @andrewecoulson – commsgodigital.com.au

Andrew is the man behind the #onetweetonetip phenomenon! An Australia based, UK trained, local government community engagement practitioner. He grounds (digital) engagement in the reality of everyday practice for Councils with limited budgets.

Becky Hirst@beckyBHCbeckyhirstconsulting.com.au

Becky is a community engagement practitioner based in the McClaren Vale wine growing district of South Australia. She is a living demonstration of the power of social media and social networks to create community connectivity.

Anne Radford@AIPractitioneraipractitioner.com

Anne tweest on behalf of the AI Practitioner, the international journal of appreciative inquiry. Appreciative inquiry is a positive relational approach to change.

Sacha Dylan – @kaupapa – sachadylan.com

Sacha is a New Zealand based blogger and practitioner. I first came across him as web accessibility specialist, but his interests span urban design and transport, politics and political engagement.

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