Staff Pick: Transport 2050 – Shape the Future of How We Move and Live

Client: Translink – Metro Vancouver, BC Transportation Network
Project details:
Translink, Metro Vancouver, BC’s transportation network launched Transport 2050 in Spring/Summer of 2019 to develop a new Regional Transportation Strategy that will be part of shaping the region over the next 30 years. The largest public engagement in Translink’s history.

Four main trends were and are being considered in the strategy, and public engagement began by broadly informing the public about what to consider for Phase 1 called Values and Vision. The information provided by Translink clearly speaks to the challenges of climate, the global economy and technology that will impact the trends identified and what participants needed to think about when providing feedback.

The Trends:

  • Automated
  • Connected
  • Electrified
  • Shared

Translink asked citizens to provide feedback thinking about the trends and sharing priorities and ideas in Phase 1.

engagementHQ translink project


  1. Survey: anonymous participation
  2. Ideation Tool: required registration – helped build online community
  3. Newsfeed: announcements for announcements and updates


  1. Custom widget: added the project slogan
  2. Project Timeline: Explained the phases of the project
  3. Key dates: announced community in person events
  4. Document library: provided extensive easy to understand background information, a final Phase 1 report and translated documents in Chines and Punjabi


  1. A strong brand and online integration with in-person activities
    The brand created for this project was carried through to the online engagement site using clearly identifiable graphics and colours. Translink’s project team gathered ideas in person and used the online space to add the ideas to Engage Translink. They effectively and consistently displayed, promoted and reported back on in person events throughout Phase 1.  The page was never static and always up to date.
  2. An easy to use and interesting way to inform participants that is inclusive
    I especially like how welcoming the page was and that videos were used featuring Translink’s staff to further educate the community about the project including closed captioning in other languages  Using videos was specifically successful as a great number of participants accessed the site while using transit and were able to easily use their mobile devices to listen, watch the videos, and provide feedback. 
chinese survey example
  1. A respectful strategy that consistently closed the loop
    During Phase 1 the project team consistently updated their engagement project when an activity was completed.  Translink’s team made effective use of videos to provide information about activities, provide updates on the project, and report back on what had occurred both in-person and online.
  2. Strategic efforts were rewarded with meaningful results
    The consistent approach to providing in-person announcements, updates and feedback yielded rewards.  This public engagement was the largest yet for Translink.  Not only did Translink speak to 158,000 citizens but they receive almost 4,000 ideas and over 24,000 survey submissions online.  Translink used their understanding of their audience to guide the way they engaged their public and they tried innovative ways to catch attention both in-person and online to reach all sectors of their community.


  • Translink began with a digital-first approach and engaged early online and informed the public about the project, in-person activities and feedback opportunities online.
  • Effectively integrated in-person and online.
  • Used an anonymous survey that did not require registration and the ideation tool, that required registration, giving participants options and allowing Translink to build their online community through registration.
  • Consistently updated the public on the site using video, newsfeed updates and final report in the library.

What I love about what Translink did:

Translink started by taking citizens on a well thought out journey of discovery to participation in Phase 1, beginning with a digital-first approach. They ensured that Engage Translink was truly accessible and inclusive for their citizens by adding other language options on the site as well as videos with closed captioning in other languages. Participants could easily get informed and participate while using transit too.  Vancouverites are passionate about their transit options and the site made participation easy in both method and mode.

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