Two community engagement project reports you must see!

Reporting on your consultation is such an important aspect of community engagement, we thought we’d close out 2017 by bringing you two great examples of engagement reports, which we think are engagement best practice.

Each of these community engagement project reports provides a unique way of reporting back its consultation activities and we recommend you use them to help guide the development of your own community engagement reports.

North East Link, Melbourne Australia

North East Link is a major Australia infrastructure project in Melbourne, which aims to complete a missing freeway link while increasing capacity of Melbourne’s freeway network.

The project is governed by an independent authority who oversee all aspects of project development and delivery, starting with recommending a project corridor and developing a business case.

North East Link conducted extensive offline and online engagement activities using EngagementHQ in order to inform the selection of their final corridor route.

In their August – October 2017 Community Engagement Report, North East Link have provided a well-structured and cohesive engagement report.

We especially like how clearly they laid out their engagement overview and timeline at the front of the report. This provides a really clear outline of engagement activities and provides transparency over process.

Another important aspect of their engagement report, which we recommend as essential for any good report, is a section clearly outlining what was asked of the community during the engagement activities.

North East Link did this by creating an easy to read table that outlines what was discussed with the community, mapping each question with the projects objectives and principles and answering key questions about the rationale for the approach.

We also like the way they have used graphs and tables to present information about who they engaged as well as to report back on their key project principles.

Using pull quotes from engagement feedback is another great device for summarising engagement feedback.

Overall, we think this is an exceptional example of a mid-process engagement report that utilises a clear structure to outline the engagement process, topics of inquiry, provide feedback on who participated and to summarise the feedback received.

Check out the consultation site here.

Lake Macquarie City Vision and Community Values, Lake Macquarie Australia

In 2016, Lake Macquarie delivered their City Vision and Community Values Stakeholder Values Summary Report after completing an engagement process to develop a new vision for the city.

As part of their engagement report, Lake Macquarie also did a fantastic job of outlining their project overview and approach to engagement activities.

We especially like how thorough they were in explaining the extent of each of their activities including; promotion and marketing, social media, face-to-face engagement, online engagement, phone surveys and events.

This is also nicely explained through an infographic as part of the reports executive summary, which outlines the strategy, tactics and results of each approach.

Using infographics in this way is a simple digestible way to summarise engagement activities.

Lake Macquarie also present their outcomes and engagement findings using a good mix of graphs and charts and we particularly like the way the used word clouds to unpack responses to their questions and highlight the highest priority issues and challenges.

Finally, Lake Macquarie include an extensive appendices with yet further evidence of their engagement activities including photographs, ads and social media posts, drawings and children’s submissions as well as face to face submissions.

This is a great way to close off your engagement reports and providing further evidence of your engagement process and activities.

Check out their engagement site here.

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