Understanding EHQ Auto Email Notifications

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Recently we released a brand-new way for handling auto email notifications from EHQ and included a suggestion engine for helping cross-promote your consultations.

In this article we explain how our new email notification system will help your community stay informed and engaged in your projects.

What are auto-email notifications?

Auto-email notifications are how EHQ communicates with your community about actions they have taken on your site.

These notifications handle the way a participant receives confirmation and authentication instructions as well as records of their participation in projects.

Think of these an automated process of closing the loop for individual actions.

So what’s changed?

The major change to the way we handle these notifications, is you now have choice of two methods for sending notifications.

These include;

  • HTML templated auto emails (new)
  • Plain-text auto emails, which are already a core feature of EHQ

If you opt-in to our new HTML templated emails, you will be able to ‘set and forget’ and let the system take care of these notifications for you.

This includes handling the default text in your notifications, incorporating your brand colours into the email template and cross-promoting other consultations using our new suggestion engine.

You can still choose to send plain-text auto notifications to your community and continue to utilise and setup custom notifications for each tool.

How do HTML email notifications help cross-promote consultations?

Our new HTML email notifications incorporate a content aware recommendation system to help your participants discover other content on your site.

This suggestion engine is the first step in our ongoing development program focussed on improving the way EHQ drives participation in your projects.

It uses an algorithm incorporating project tags, published projects and recent activity to help suggest other relevant projects to your participants.

As you can see in the image below our emails now contain a section with a record of the participants contribution and other “projects that might be of interest to you.”

As we continue to build out our notifications system you can expect to see even more options and editable components.

For more information about this feature read our help article on managing auto-email notifications.

If you have any feedback or would like to make a feature request, please let us know by sending an email to support@engagementhq.com

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