Over the last two weeks we have implemented various measure to enhance participant flows, that means the user experience of your participants when they register and engage in your EHQ. While some of these measures improve very specific use cases, there are a range of upgrades that are worthwhile highlighting.

  • Split Sign In | Register into two links: The Sign In | Register links in your headers are now linking to two separate locations. Sign In is directing the participants to “/login”, the page where they can log in, Register is directing prospective participants to your registration form. 
  • Sending new participants back to where they signed up from: Previously, participants who registered with your EHQ where sent back to the homepage after they verified their email. With our upgrade now, we are sending them back to where they clicked on ‘Register’. That might be a survey, e.g. like below, or a project page. 
  • Clearer messages on surveys and ideas: Surveys open to registered participants only display a clearer message and contain a link to the registration from. The same is true for EHQ Ideas, which by default always requires people to register.

As usual, if you have any questions about this upgrade, please email us at support@engagementhq.com