US ZIP Codes added to EngagementHQ’s participant registration form

Bang the Table was established in Australia way back in 2007, and has been doing business in New Zealand pretty much from day one. Then came Canada a few years later, and then the UK, and most recently the USA.

It was only in early 2016 that we made the call to dive right into the US market in a big way. We shipped our CEO to Boulder, CO along with his family and the rest, as they say in the classics, is history.

Unsurprisingly with such a big move it’s taken a while for us to get completely up to speed with the local needs and wants.

Today we can announce that we’ve dealt with one small thorn in our side.

All EngagementHQ sites on our US server now have a new signup form ‘ZIP Code’ question.

It’s a simple dropdown list of  all ZIP codes from across the United States and allows you to ask your participants where they are from, where they live, where they work, or anything else that’s useful. 

Setting this question up works in the same way as any other question. Simply select it from the list of available questions. Once you have done that, you can change the wording on the question, choose to include a “Not in USA” option and make this question mandatory. 


The participant will be able to search for their ZIP code by either typing in their numbers, or search for their suburb directly. As in the below example, either searching for 90210 or Beverly Hills will come up with the same results. 


Some questions you may have

I already have people registered, can I still use it?

Yes, you can add additional question to your signup form at any point in time, however, we recommend you be careful when doing this. We have some best practice tips here.

Can I filter and create groups based on ZIP Codes?

Not yet, while we are planning on including this functionality, in the first stage of this development the ZIP Code will not allow you to create groups in our Participant Management screen. 

What if I find a ZIP code that is incorrect or not included?

While we are confident we have included all ZIP codes, if you find one that is missing or incorrect, please email us to rectify. 

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