Using email notifications tool to drive engagement

Using EnagagementHQ’s inbuilt email notifications tool is an often overlooked feature of the platform however, it can greatly help support your projects and drive engagement.

In this article, we look at how you can use these email notifications to help personalise your communications and drive further engagement with your projects.

Where can I use email notifications tool?

Tool email notifications are available for all EHQ tools, however only a few tools allow for custom notifications.

These include Forums, Surveys, Q&A and Places.

Our remaining tools have standardised email responses when interacted with.

To find where to configure your custom tool email notifications, simply look for the email configuration tab on your selected tool.

What should I include in my tool email notifications?

Since our custom text editors allow you to use formatting options, you have the potential to craft a branded communication specific to your project.

Use images and text to build your notifications and think about including project branding, logos and colours as well as email footers in your notifications.

The objective here is to make your participants feel like they are receiving a personalised communication about the project they have just engaged with, rather than a system generated email.

In your email body, use our placeholders such as [Client_Name] and [Responses] at appropriate places throughout your email in order to pull through participant details.

Our [Responses] placeholder is particularly useful if you would like to provide a record of participation for your community.

You should also ensure that you thank your participants for participating and reinforce how their contribution will be used for decision making as part of your project.

We also suggest including information about next steps, including when the project will be concluding and an indication of when the participant might be able to expect consultation outcomes.

Tool notification emails are also the perfect place to include another call-to-action, further driving your participants to engage with other related projects.

Example email notification tool

Below is an example tool email notification.

In the image below you can see how the notification appears in the inbox of your participants.

Knowing how this appears for your participants is important, because the subject line of your email is the first thing your participants will see.

Make sure to craft something relevant and catchy to draw attention to your notification.

Below is an example of a custom notification, which has the participants responses included in the email using the placeholder [Responses].

In this image you can see how the [Responses] placeholder has pulled through the participants survey responses as a record of their involvement.

I have also included a email signature in this example to show how adding other branding elements can be useful.

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