A 10 Step Strategy to Online Success

Do you ever wonder how online engagement fits into the big scheme of things? What processes to use to plan an overall engagement strategy so that what you do online leads, mirrors or supports what you do in-person? Or how to ensure your department produces consistent processes that build trust in your community? And how you can make things easier for staff so they are not “starting over” with each project?

While there is no “tool” to rationalize online, in-person or a combination approach to community engagement, you can take a strategic approach, backed by a process that can improve efficiency for your organization.

Watch Amanda Nagl from Bang the Table as she provides an overview of a 10 step process designed to help organizations work through all of these challenges and build a successful community engagement program.

While there is a growing acceptance in the field of community engagement that not every topic or decision may require face to face events as we evolve, many still do, and that makes online engagement a part of an overall continuum of ways to connect government to the people they serve; an element of an engagement strategy for a project or decision.

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