Designing Consultations In A Risk Adverse Environment

Government departments and agencies are often risk-averse when conducting community engagement. But there are risks in conducting community engagement that is too closed or tightly controlled.

Join Rikki March, Senior Digital Communication Officer with Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works, as we discuss their Renting in QLD consultation as a case study for how a government department used online engagement in a government context.

We will explore the lessons learnt from that consultation, and how it’s influenced the other consultations that they have run. Finally, we will discuss how they managed risk aversion and increased the tolerance for perceived ‘risky’ consultation methodologies.

Highly recommended for community engagement and communications officers working in a government context or with risk-averse clients.

What you’ll learn:

  • Ways to use online engagement in a government context
  • Strategies to manage engagement risk
  • Tips on designing consultations for government engagement
  • When to use a consultant and external expertise

Duration: 75 mins

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