Digital Deliberation: Rethinking and Conducting an Online Citizen’s Jury

DemocracyCo was commissioned by the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) to design and deliver a Citizens Jury engagement process. In March 2020, a jury of 40 Queenslanders met for five days to consider the following question: “How can our motor injury insurance scheme be improved to better support people injured on Queensland roads, now and into the future?”.

However, during the process, the impact of COVID-19 changed everything. It was deemed no longer safe for the jurors to meet in person, but the jury members and RACQ wanted to complete the process.

So, Emily and Emma from DemocracyCo swiftly pivoted the deliberation process to an online format. The jurors met online over 2 days for virtual workshops and used a variety of digital tools to complete their work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hear from Emily Jenke about the challenges DemocracyCo faced and how they were able to deliver a deliberative process using online tools
  • Jury participants will tell us about their experiences and how they transitioned to using online engagement tools
  • Emma will be monitoring the online chat function and will be available to help answer your questions

Emily Jenke and Emma Lawson are Co-CEO’s of DemocracyCo, Australia’s leading deliberative democracy organization. Specializing in deliberative democracy processes, DemocracyCo works with governments, corporates and other organizations who need to find solutions to complex problems and create a social licence for change. Emily will share their unique story and lessons learned in rethinking and conducting a citizens Jury online.

Anne Mulder was a Jury Member and has kindly agreed to share her experiences and answer questions from the audience about their involvement in this unique process.

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