EngagementHQ Feature Highlight: Appearance Editor

An engagement site’s homepage is crucial — it needs to captivate your visitors, let them know why your site exists, and encourage exploration of your different consultations. Appearance Editor makes those goals easy to achieve!

In this webinar, Anthea Robinson-Shaw, Practice Lead at Bang the Table, takes a deep dive into Appearance Editor and shows you how to customize pictures, colors, and your layout based on easy-to-implement, built-in templates. With numerous example sites, Anthea walks through how any organization can use Appearance Editor to make a homepage their own.

Key takeaways:

  • The pros and cons of each homepage template and how they are each used to highlight top priority projects in an effective way
  • How to choose a “hero image” for your homepage, from either your own database or by finding a free image through Unsplash, right on EngagementHQ (Read more about image sizing)
  • Understand the impact of the homepage on traffic and contributions from the community

View your web page in different formats

Want to take an even closer look? Learn how to best use Appearance Editor from Bang the Table’s Graphics and Branding guru, Ella Pairman. She writes out 8 steps to ensure that your homepage follows graphics and branding principles. The best part? Create drafts of your homepage on the backend of EngagementHQ to play with different options, and only publish your newly designed homepage when you’re ready!

See Appearance Editor in Action. Check out these sites.

To enable Appearance Editor on your site, please reach out to the support team.

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