The Do’s and Don’ts of Federal Stimulus Spending

Overwhelmed by the latest federal stimulus package? Worried you’ll blow your opportunity and invest your American Rescue Plan funds in the wrong programs or initiatives? How should local leaders spend ARP funding? We’re here to help.

Nick Kittle and Mark Funkhouser will walk you through common funding mistakes, share best practices, talk through how to get creative, and correct common myths so you can make better choices and build low-risk stimulus proposals that will benefit your community.

By attending this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • “Put your mask on first” so you can take better care of your constituents.
  • Stimulate your strategic thinking and create a smart funding plan.
  • Maximize the value of your initiatives by applying expert advice.
  • Justify your stimulus ideas and get buy-in from community leaders.


Nick Kittle

Nick Kittle is the author of the best-selling government innovation book “Sustainovation: Building Sustainable Innovation in Government, One Wildly Creative Idea at a Time,” and spent the last 15 years in government. He has won three national innovation awards and founded one of the first five government innovation offices in the country. During his government career, Nick directed 17 different divisions and developed over 65 unique or first-of-their-kind pilot projects while directly generating $7.8 M in savings and pioneering the concept of Innovation Value.

Mark Funkhouser

Mark Funkhouser, President of Funkhouser & Associates, believes good government is an essential positive force in the lives of everyday people. Funkhouser has given hundreds of speeches, moderated countless panels, and convened and facilitated hundreds of roundtable discussions. He believes in democracy and the wisdom of regular folks while being dedicated to helping make democracy work.

Host Region: North America

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