How to Effectively Gather Short-Term Rental Regulations Feedback

Short-term vacation rentals, like the ones found on Airbnb, VRBO, and dozens of other platforms are a contentious issue within communities. On one sideshort-term vacation rentals are upsetting to neighbors who must contend with a party house next door, for example. And many hotel owners are facing an uneven playing field due to lenient or inconsistent short-term vacation regulations. On the other sidemany depend on short-term rental income to meet their mortgages and several industries benefit from a thriving tourism economy.

So, how can you make sure all these voices are heard while deciding on the next steps for your short-term rental program?

Watch as industry and planning experts discuss strategies for how to gather feedback from multiple stakeholders in an effective, efficient, and fair manner; so you know the right steps to take with the short-term vacation rentals in your community. This is a free event presented by Bang the Table and Granicus.

Julie Davies, Short-Term Rental Host Accredited Course Educator 

Julie Davies is president of ELDERxL and Cyrano’s Assistance, serving the Hospitality/Lodging and Long-Term Care industries, including Vacation Homes/Short-Term Rental Management. With over 30 years of experience in organizational leadership, Julie and her team specialize in risk assessment and quick transformation of troubled operations to profitable and well-functioning businesses. She also performs reviews, addresses international conferences, and writes policy and articles about tourism and health care management for many organizations and journals. 

In 2016, Julie was asked by the City of Las Vegas to write a curriculum about STR management. She felt that it should be held within accredited higher education institutions to secure the content and keep tuition low. The course passed accreditation reviews and was launched in 2017. This course has had thousands of course graduates give the course and instruction excellent reviews.

Jeffrey Goodman, Planning Consultant, Granicus

Jeffrey Goodman has been engaged in a long-running research project focusing on data-driven and innovative regulation of short-term rentals based on a shared responsibility model and effective, place-based rules that work at multiple scales. Jeffrey has engaged with neighborhood groups, elected officials, housing and tourism advocates, and the tech community to move past a ‘yes or no’ battle towards a more nuanced and effective regulatory environment. He has held advisory roles with policy advocates in New York City, New Orleans, and San Francisco; real estate reporters in Manhattan; and local governments in Colorado. He currently supports hundreds of communities’ short-term rental initiatives with Granicus’ Host Compliance. 

Meghan Ruble, Head of Client Services – North America, Bang the Table

Meghan Ruble, Head of Client Services for Bang the Table and former Marketing Supervisor for City of Lakewood.  Meghan joined the Bang the Table team after five years working at the local government level. Her experience managing a municipal marketing and communications team left her very familiar with the challenges agencies face when planning and running community engagement projects. She is based in Austin, Texas.

Host Region: North America

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