Tracking Online Engagement Activity with EngagementHQ

If you’ve ever wondered how representative your engagementHQ database is of your community profile or how your engagement performance has improved or declined overtime, then it’s essential you know your data!

Join our Head of Client Services, Nathan Connors and Australian based Engagement Manager Katie Toohey, for a look at how to use EngagementHQ reporting to monitor and benchmark your eHQ site performance.

In this session we will look at ways to interrogate your database and review general database make-up, including demographics and participant activity; Methods for better understanding Aware Informed and Engaged statistics and how to analyse top projects; as well as making sense of the language of our key metrics such as contributions, contributors, visits, visitors, page views and more.

This discussion is essential for anyone working directly with engagementHQ who wants to equip themselves with the information to effectively report on their digital engagement performance.

What we’ll cover:

•Intro and acknowledgment of country – 5 mins
•Why is it important to track performance and what measures are meaningful to an organisation
•How do you figure out what your demographic makeup should be on your engagementHQ database?
•How do you track and measure demographics on engageementHQ – registered participation (no it is not a barrier) and what questions are meaningful
•What is AIE
•Why are my contributions and contributors different numbers?
•How do I make sense of the traffic sources information and include GA?
•What is a top project and what do those statistics mean?
•How do I benchmark and why is it important?
•This sounds great but I don’t have time, can’t you do it for me?
•You can? That’s great, how does that work?
•Thanks and Q&A

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