What is EngagementIQ?

EngagementIQ is Bang the Table’s new range of strategic support and short consulting services. It encapsulates our expertise in digital community engagement and our commitment to customer support and strategic advice, moderation, and, community engagement training. EngagementIQ allows organisations using EngagementHQ to access expert advice in order to achieve best-practice digital engagement outcomes.

Why did we create EngagementIQ?

We created EngagementIQ because we recognised that having access to digital engagement tools doesn’t automatically create best-practice engagement outcomes. Having spent more than 10 years observing digital community engagement practice, we’ve identified a range of common challenges which organisations experience that can affect the execution of good online community engagement programs. These include; issues developing internal buy-in and organisational adoption; capacity and skills constraints; absence of policies and frameworks to guide community engagement activities; lack of project planning and engagement strategy development and poor understanding of digital engagement principles. To overcome these challenges, we designed a range of highly-flexible advisory, training and concierge services to help organisations achieve better results and get more from their digital engagement activities.

What types of services does EngagementIQ offer?

EngagementIQ incorporates five main areas of service, including Advisory, Training and Concierge as well as Support and Moderation. These range of services can be accessed and utilised on an as-needs basis throughout an EngagementHQ licence period or as part of one of our annual Support Packages.

What is an Annual Support Package?

Bang the Table now offers three different annual support packages to help organisations get the most from EngagementHQ and achieve their digital engagement goals.  All EngagementHQ licenses now include our EngagementIQ Core Support package as part of the licence price. This ensures organisations using EngagementHQ have access to the following;

  • An Engagement Manager to help with account related inquiries
  • 24/7 multi-language content moderation for all contributions to your site
  • 24/5 chat and email support for help with technical queries
  • Access to online help and training resources
  • Priority invitations to all our client meetups.

Beyond our Core Package, we also provide two additional tiers of annual support with our Partner and Strategic Support Packages. These packages are designed to provide additional strategic support and training. Our Partner and Strategic packages both provide access to a dedicated digital engagement Practice Lead who will work with you to deliver support and strategic advice throughout the course of your package. To learn more about these packages check out our table of packages for more information.

What do I have to do to take up a support package?

If you are an existing EngagementHQ customer, you will automatically be transferred to our Core Support package. If you would like to take-on a different level of support in order to access extra help with your strategic goals and challenges, talk to your Engagement Manager about the options which are best suited to you and your team.

What is Online Coaching?

Online Coaching is one of our new Advisory Services. Online Coaching is designed to help individuals and organisations work through their community engagement challenges with the help of a dedicated Bang the Table community engagement Practice Lead. Working closely with your Practice Lead, Online Coaching allows you to develop a program of support and strategy tailored to your needs. Coaching is normally delivered over 4 or more regular online sessions and each session can be scheduled to work with your program or requirements. This flexibility means Online Coaching can be used on a broad range of topics. Some uses might include;

  • Extra support throughout different phases of a large strategic consultation
  • Assistance developing and delivering a program to help your organisation with internal buy-in
  • Reviewing or creating internal policies, procedures or frameworks
  • Developing a staff professional development program

Coaching can be purchased separately or as part of our Partner and Strategic Support Packages.

Which service is best if my team needs training?

We now have multiple Training options available to help teams learn more about online community engagement and best practice use of EngagementHQ. Our most convenient option for time-poor teams is our new Online Accelerators. These sessions are perfect for refreshing your knowledge of EngagementHQ or simply for learning about new online engagement tools and techniques. These sessions are run online via webinar software, can be tailored to meet your specific needs and are also recorded so you and your team can rewatch the session on-demand at a later date.

We have a range of training options available for you to peruse, so check out our EngagementIQ Training page for more information.

What is Concierge?

Concierge is our new EngagementIQ service to help organisations get the job done. As the name Concierge suggests, these services are designed to allow Bang the Table to execute various tasks and projects on your behalf. This includes, building projects pages and setting up engagement tools, creating surveys, completing accessibility audits, site-scoping and site builds as well as EHQ theme changeovers and other tasks you may not have the time of internal capacity to achieve. Click here for a full range of Concierge services.

Where can I find more information?

For more information on our new EngagementIQ Services, check out our website for a full list of packages and individual services. Alternatively, get in touch with your local Engagement Manager for more information.

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