Why Engage Your Community Online?

When you begin your journey using online engagement tools, you may find yourself asking the question, “Why engage with your community online?”

Historically, people have used face-to-face meetings to voice opinions on important topics affecting their community.

Today, the digital world is taking over. Not only do people have more access to the internet, but people are using this resource to stay informed on current topics and to research data pertaining to those topics, so they may be better educated when it comes to forming an opinion.

The online world not only provides a way to stay educated on topics, but it is more accessible and saves people time. It is a lot more convenient for people to engage online by using a laptop, ipad or any smart device from wherever they are. This gives a voice to busy parents, people with limited mobility and those who aren’t able to congregate during specified times at their local government town halls.

By involving a large majority of the public and encouraging participation among everyone, engaging online brings more opinions to the forefront and gives a better representation of the community as a whole. It provides the community with a safe space to give ideas, view opposing positions and gather information.

Online community engagement is not only beneficial to the community but it helps organizations to manage conversations and obtain data that will weigh in on important decisions. It is both cost effective and helps improve the way the community and government agencies interact and collaborate.

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Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

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