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Budget engagement

Budget accountability and transparency are part of a well-rounded practice of good governance. Budget engagement projects give your community a better understanding of where and how financial resources are being applied currently while also highlighting the constraints around city budgeting and financial planning for your community.

Balancing Act Screen Example

Empower collaboration with seamless integration

Balancing Act integrates with EngagementHQ for a seamless experience for your participants, making it easier to inform and collaborate on financial issues that impact your community. Balancing Act offers two unique tools; Budget Simulations and Taxpayer Receipt, both provide an interactive experience for participants to explore and learn about city budgeting.

Budget Simulation empowers your residents to explore various scenarios, learn about proposed budgets, give feedback on tradeoffs during the budgeting process, build a capital plan, and provide community buy-in for proposed budgets.

Budget Simulation provides practitioners a powerful feature set, including:

  • Easy set-up with import from a spreadsheet option
  • Expansive scenario questions
  • Standard questions that can include floors and ceilings, alerts and ability to toggle between dollars or percentages
  • Layer in context by adding links, photos, video, and live-updating graphs within the simulation
  • Meeting mode for face-to-face meetings
  • Ability to consult in multiple languages
  • Double bottom line
  • Dedicated funds that link revenue and spending items to show dependencies.
Tax payer receipt

Generate Taxpayer Receipts

Taxpayer Receipt gives residents an idea of how their tax dollars are being spent and helps build accountability by demonstrating how efficiently services are being delivered in your city. Residents can anonymously input data to generate a customized estimate of taxes paid and how that money has been allocated.

Involve your community in budget decisions

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