Civic Engagement in a Time of Social Distancing

For Mark S. Pancer, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University, civic participation produces a positive sense of connection; but, in a time of crisis, its essential to building community and trust. 

Dr S. Mark Pancer

Dr S. Mark Pancer

3 months ago

Can deliberation renew democracy in a digital world?

Sally Hussey In an era of fake news, social media and public discussions among the like-minded, can deliberation renew democracy? Democracy is, seemingly, under threat the world over. Diversely labelled “democratic recession” and the “death of democracy” in the extreme, this has also given rise to “post democracy,” where parameters determining people’s living conditions are […]

11 months ago

Citizen Engagement with the Changing City

In an era of increasing urbanization, twenty-first century city-building exacerbates divisions. Urbanite societies are plagued by poverty and social exclusion – not to mention the insidious corporatization that surrounds the embrace of the Smart City. So how does the future city include all citizens, not just the wealthy elite?

Sally Hussey

Sally Hussey

2 years ago


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