Rethinking Urban Mobility through Equitable Community Engagement

Urban mobility is a key contributor to climate change. It’s also essential to urban life despite inaccessibility increasing inequities of contemporary urban cities. Bang the Table’s Principle Writer and Editorial Director, Sally Hussey, unpacks opportunities to rethink mobility for an inclusive and sustainable future.

Sally Hussey

Sally Hussey

2 months ago

International Public Participation Models 1969-2020

Sally Hussey provides an essential public engagement resource compiling 60 international public participation models dating back fifty years to Arnstein’s influential ‘Ladder of Citizen Participation’. Last year, Sherry R. Arnstein’s  “A Ladder of Citizen Participation” celebrated its 50th anniversary. Originally published in the Journal of American Planning Association (JAPA) and one of its most cited […]

Sally Hussey

Sally Hussey

5 months ago

Civic Engagement in a Time of Social Distancing

For Mark S. Pancer, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University, civic participation produces a positive sense of connection; but, in a time of crisis, its essential to building community and trust. 

Dr S. Mark Pancer

Dr S. Mark Pancer

9 months ago

Can deliberation renew democracy in a digital world?

Sally Hussey In an era of fake news, social media and public discussions among the like-minded, can deliberation renew democracy? Democracy is, seemingly, under threat the world over. Diversely labelled “democratic recession” and the “death of democracy” in the extreme, this has also given rise to “post democracy,” where parameters determining people’s living conditions are […]

1 year ago

Between the spectra: Arnstein’s Ladder plugs the gap of IAP2 spectrum

Sally Hussey Adopting Arnstein’s 1969 Ladder of Citizen Participation alongside the current widespread use of the IAP2 spectrum might help governments engage more meaningfully with their citizens, recent research suggests. In Australia – indeed globally – governments increasingly recognise the need to shift toward more inclusive decision making processes. But there remains, what scholars Aaron […]

2 years ago

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