Manufacturing engagement: no place for making things

Mark Dean, Australian Industrial Transformation Institute, Flinders University, continues his examination of government policy responses to manufacturing deindustrialisation in this two-part series: Manufacturing engagement.

Mark Dean

Mark Dean

3 years ago

5 Practical Ingrediants for Building Fiscal Trust: Part 2

In Part II of their series on fiscal trust, Dina Graser and Pamela Robinson uncover five practical ingredients necessary for building public and fiscal trust and ask, what does trust mean and how do government’s gain fiscal trust with communities in supporting public infrastructure?

dina graser

Dina Graser

pamela robinson

Pamela Robinson

3 years ago

Food security, asylum seekers and the Food Justice Truck

Since 2012 Deakin University and have funded research for social good – research that may otherwise be sidelined by traditional channels. Fiona McKay, School of Health and Social Development, expands on the current campaign for food security for asylum seekers in a mobile fresh food market, the Food Justice Truck.

fiona mckay

Fiona McKay

3 years ago

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