In-App Chat Support

Launching In-app Chat Support

At Bang the Table we pride ourselves on our service. Our goal has always been to go well beyond software and support great community engagement.

Joe Kresling

Joe Kresling

9 months ago

map-based digital community engagement

Shapefile support for map-based digital community engagement

We have extended EHQ Places to support the display of map layers via ESRI shapefile, which means you can now include layers in your consultation maps either through WMS layers, or the newly implemented shapefile upload.

Joe Kresling

Joe Kresling

10 months ago

EngagementHQ Improved UX

Small changes make a big difference to your participant’s online experience

At Bang the Table, we’re spending more and more time thinking about both EngagementHQ’s UX for both participants and administrators. Improved UX will simplify your role as an administrator. At the same time you should see higher participation rates and re-engagement rates as participants find the participation so easy, intuitive and enjoyable.

Joe Kresling

Joe Kresling

1 year ago

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