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Interactive project dashboards

Go deeper into your consultation data. Work closely with our services team to transform your next project into a unique and embeddable interactive dashboard. Build trust and transparency with stakeholders by sharing detailed analysis and make better decisions for your most important projects.

Embed Anywhere Dashboard

Benefits of interactive project dashboards

1. Visualize segmented insights across all eight EngagementHQ tools and better understand who is saying what.

2. Use comment tagging and qualitative analysis services to visualize your discussions.

3. Allow stakeholders to explore the results with public-facing dashboards.

4. Use advanced sentiment and emotion analysis to see the feelings behind your comments.

5. Mix and match visualizations to see data presented in different ways.

6. Export charts in a variety of formats and embed dashboards anywhere.

EngagementHQ Custom Dashboard

Access dashboards directly within EngagementHQ

  • Purchase custom reports individually or in packs and add as many as you need
  • Allow your whole team and organization to access and explore custom dashboards with flexible embedding options
  • Work closely with our services team to co-design the perfect dashboard for your project
EngagementHQ Community Data Dashboard

Open data for your community

  • Publish dashboards on your EngagementHQ project page and allow your community to explore and validate your insights
  • Curate a unique project report tailored to your community
  • Build trust and transparency with open data
  • Allow community and stakeholders to change chart types and download or export your report in their preferred format
Visualize data dashboard

Save time with qualitative analysis

  • Allow our team to develop your coding sheet and apply your custom tagging
  • Visualize your qualitative data in a variety of different charts
  • Analyse qualitative inputs against your community segments with custom filters
  • Embrace forums, guestbook, ideas and stories knowing your qualitative data analysis is taken care of

Work with us to design a unique project dashboard

Talk to our services team about transforming your next project into a unique and embeddable interactive dashboard.